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The Alcohol Trends & Innovations Conference Programme

Monetise Alcohol Trends & Innovations - Excite, Engage & Win Market Share: Boost Sales With Hot New Trends, Flavours & Ingredients, Insights Into Consumer & Shopper Behaviours, The Latest Health, International, Digital Comms, Packaging & Alcohol-Free Trends, Plus Insider On-Trade & Off-Trade Perspectives

08.30 Registration – Morning Coffee & Objective Setting

09.00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting & Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Hector Gorosabel
Chief Executive Officer
Asahi Europe Ltd

Hot New Trends & Flavours

09.20 What’s The Next Game-Changing Big Craze? Leverage & Exploit The Hottest Consumer Insights & On-Trend Flavours To Get Ahead Of The Competition

  • What are the hottest emerging favours, ingredients and trends within the alcohol industry and beyond and how can we best monetise them?
  • What might consumers expect from manufacturers in the coming years in regards to premiumisation?
  • Will super-premium products become the new norm?
  • From craft to cocktails, from ginger to ginseng and from prosecco to premiumisation…what’s the secret to predicting what’s going to be the next big thing and staying ahead of the curve?

Mark Hopper
Head of Innovation
SHS Group – Drinks Division

David Burlton
Malmaison HDV Sommelier of the Year
Hotel Du Vin


09.50 Monetise Current & Emerging Consumer Trends & Shopper Insights To Win Big & Drive Impressive Sales

  • Get to grips with the latest purchasing, consumption and occasions habits of consumers today to ensure your strategies align with their demands
  • A look to future upscaling opportunities: how do you tap into the macro, broader insights out there and cater to a wider range of consumers?
  • What are the varying demands across different demographics and how can you segment and target accordingly?
  • New kids on the block…what are the smaller, more independent brands doing differently to grab and maintain consumers’ interest

Giles Mountford
Category & Trade Marketing Manager
Mast-Jägermeister SE


10.10 What Makes Craft “Craft” & What Do Consumers Expect From Craft Brewers? Are Sour & Flavoured Beers Likely To Flourish As The Next Big Thing?

Ben Lockwood
Beer & Cider Procurement Manager
Mitchells & Butlers



10.30 Informal Networking Break & Morning Refreshments

11.00 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Partner. Can you help alcohol professionals monetise the hottest new trends? For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0) 20 3479 2299 or email partner@alcoholtrendsconference.com.


11.30 Tap Into The Latest Health Trends & Consumer Expectations & Perceptions To Drive Sales… Without Compromising On Taste & Quality

  • Where are the actual opportunities to truly innovate in the health space and provide something of genuine value to consumers?
  • Ensuring “free-from” products and other healthier products maintain the same great taste and actually appeal to the consumer to drive sales
  • What impact will the sugar tax have on alcohol manufacturing? How are other manufacturers responding to sugar reduction trends?
  • Educating the consumer on the health benefits of newer products and communicating the advantages of a healthier alternative
  • What are the actual nuts and bolts of consumer purchasing behaviours? Is there a discrepancy between the idealised numbers and actual spending habits?

Speaker To Be Announced; Please Check Website For Details


11.50 What’s Hot In The World Of Soft Drinks, What Learnings Can Be Applied & Where Are The Innovation Opportunities For The Alcohol Industry?

  • What’s the future of non-alcoholic beverages and what are the most likely next logical steps for that industry?
  • What key learnings and insights can be taken from the soft drink industry and applied to alcoholic products?
  • What’s up and coming in mixability trends? Which spirits are the frontrunners of the future and which mixers pair best with them?

Emma Wykes

Jason Sennitt
Head of Merchant’s Heart
Lucozade Ribena Suntory

Jack Scott
Dash Water

Henry Chevallier Guild
Nonsuch Shrubs

12.20 Lunch & Informal Networking For Delegates, Partners & Speaker


12.50 Facilitated Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

A) Technology
Michael Codd
Digital Marketing & Innovation Lead Europe
AB InBev

C) Cider
Matthew Langley
Insight & Innovation Manager
Westons Cider

E) Digital Communications

F) Millennials

B) Mixologist Insights
Hiten Makwana
Gordon Ramsay Restaurants

D) International Trends
Mauricio Orbe Garcés
Director Strategy & Business Development, Birra Peroni
Asahi Europe Ltd

13.20 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks


13.40 Harness Insights, Expectations & Predictions From Our Panel Of On- & Off-Trade Retailers To Help You Grab Their (& The Consumers’) Attention!

  • Where do retailers see the trends heading in regards to own label, everyday low pricing, premium products and the introduction of minimum unit pricing in Scotland?
  • What serving and display innovations have proved to work consistently in on-trade and where do retailers see future opportunities for development?
  • Which new and innovative packaging designs should we be looking to in order to meet off-trade retailer expectations and positively impact product sales?
  • Insight-led thoughts on fulfilling retailer expectations and needs for improved collaboration and long-term, profitable relationships
  • Closing the loop to leverage retailer insights and shape NPD strategies for retailer-aligned offerings buyers want to stock

Jamie Matthewson
Buying Manager - Beer,
Cider, Spirits & Tobacco
Waitrose Ltd

Holly Hewett
Marketing Manager
- Premium Country Pubs
Mitchells & Butlers

Richard Dennett
Senior Buyer - Beers, Cider, Spirits
The Co-op


14.10 Appeal To Customers With Low-Cost, High-Impact, Sustainable Packaging Innovations Which Attract Attention & Maximise Sales

  • From personalisation to built-in display, convenience formats, smart packaging, new tech, fridge packs and temperature sensitive… what’s the silver bullet for packaging to stand out in today’s crowded marketplace?
  • Advice on getting premium packaging at a reasonable price point to increase margins
  • Optimal strategies to use mixed materials for more recyclable, environmentally-friendly packaging and waste reduction
  • Don’t get caught out! Remain compliant with the most up-to-date labelling requirements, in the UK and in overseas markets

Speaker To Be Announced; Please Check Website For Details

14.30 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Partner. Can you help alcohol professionals monetise the hottest new trends? For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0) 20 3479 2299 or email partner@alcoholtrendsconference.com.

15.00 Informal Networking Break & Afternoon Refreshments


15.30 Will The Gin Boom Fizzle Out, Or Will The Craze Continue? If It’s Here
To Stay, What Opportunities Are There To Innovate?

15.30 Perspective One

Eric Sampers
Global Brand Director
The Gin Hub (Pernod Ricard)

15.50 Perspective Two

David Richardson
Regulatory & Commercial Affairs Director
The Wine & Spirit Trade Association


16.10 Capitalise On International Trends, Flavours & Influences To Deliver Exciting, Innovative Products At Home

  • From Asia to the US, to Europe… what hot new trends can we successfully translate into UK markets?
  • Where are the new export opportunities and how might Brexit impact trade movement going forward?
  • What markets have we followed on consumption, packaging and flavour trends and so what predictions can we make about the next big thing?

David Burlton
Malmaison HDV
Hotel Du Vin (Sommelier of the Year)



16.30 Chair’s Closing Remarks

16.40 Official Close Of Conference

Please check the website regularly for updates and newly-confirmed speakers. For more information on how to get involved in The Alcohol Trends & Innovations Conference, please call +44 (0)203 479 2299 or email partner@alcoholtrendsconference.com

PLUS! Don't Miss The Consumer-Driven Packaging Trends & Innovations Day, Asia House, Central London, 16th May 2018

Creating Profitable & Engaging Packaging Offerings With Insights Into The Latest Consumer-Driven Packaging Trends & Innovations: Recycling & Sustainability • Attention-Grabbing Packaging • Packaging Functionality & Formats • Messaging & Marketing • Packaging Innovations

09.15 Registration & Coffee, Objective Setting

09.45 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction & Morning Chair & Co-Chair’s Opening Remarks

Kevin Vyse
Senior Packaging Technologist & Circular Economy Lead
Marks & Spencer

Tom Stone
Brand Business Leader


10.00 Cost-Effective, Functional & Recyclable Packaging Alternatives Which Satisfy Sustainably-Conscious Consumers & Fulfil Eco-Friendly Business Ethics

  • How do your packaging choices impact shopper decision-making processes – especially when it comes to recyclable or biodegradable packaging?
  • Weighing up the financial viability of choosing eco-friendly packaging alternatives: how great are the anticipated returns, costs incurred and possible savings?
  • Glass, paper, metal, cork, plastics… considering the carbon footprint and recyclability of varying packaging options to ascertain the best fit for your business and products
  • Are there any quick wins or straight swaps out there which compare on functionality and price?

Rob Thompson
Packaging Technologist
The Co-op


10.30 Stand Out On The Shelf With Attention-Grabbing Packaging Innovations Which Promote Your Brand In-Store
Don’t let your packaging let your product down! Engaging shoppers in-store and triggering purchases with best-in-class product presentation which keeps pace with packaging evolution, grabs attention.

11.00 Morning Refreshment Break & Informal Networking


11.30 Reinvigorate Your Range With Innovative Product Delivery Formats & Robust Functional Packaging

  • From new lip gloss applicators to baby food pouches to ‘tear ’n’ share’ bags: boost consumer interest with packaging innovations which increase ergonomic product function and delivery
  • How do packaging formats differ per shopping channel? Exploring the different packaging options for convenience vs. online vs. main store
  • save on costs with new materials, formats and breakage-reducing packaging while maintaining the integrity of your products

12.00 Attention-Grabbing Packaging

Justin Kempson
Sales & Innovation Director,
Charpak Ltd

12.15 Lunch and Informal Networking For Delegates, Partners & Speakers

12.45 Breakout Sessions During Lunch

A) Single Serve

B) New Packaging Formats

C) International Influence

D) Natural Materials

E) Premium/Luxury

F) Convenience/Food-To-Go Packaging

13.15 Afternoon Chairperson’s Opening Remarks


13.30 Best-In-Class Packaging Messages Which Engage Consumers & Effectively Convey Ingredients, Nutrition & Product Claims

  • From natural and clean label to salt and sugar content; on-trend messaging which ensures your packaging showcases your product innovation and piques consumer interest
  • Bring your product claims to life in the aisle with packaging colours, themes and designs which reflect the latest trends and embody your claims
  • How do you best display your messages, information, ingredients or allergens to stand out or appeal to consumers in a clear, and effective, way?

14.00 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Partner: To get involved in The Consumer-Driven Packaging Trends & Innovations Conference, please email info@packaginginnovations.com or call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 for more details.


14.30 Staying One Step Ahead By Identifying The Next Hot Trends & Concepts For Fit-For-Future Packaging Which Attracts Attention

  • Keeping an eye on evolving packaging trends to spot quick, easy and cost-effective ideas which maintain a competitive edge and brand Recognition
  • From bento lunch boxes to cute Korean beauty items, what are the international trends sweeping into the UK?
  • Taking inspiration from other industries, how can you translate new, innovative concepts to your own products?
  • What are going to be the key materials of the future?
  • How is the consumer consciousness around packaging evolving – and what can we do as manufacturers to keep one step ahead of the game?

Rita Janoshazi
Senior Packaging Development Manager
Nomad Foods Europe – Bird’s Eye

Kevin Vyse
Senior Packaging Technologist & Circular Economy Lead
Marks & Spencer

Tom Stone
Brand Business Leader

Rob Thompson
Packaging Technologist
The Co-op

Further speakers to be announced

15.00 Closing Keynote Presentation

15.30 Chair’s Closing Remarks

16.00 Official Close Of Packaging Conference Day