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Our Partners


BeMyEye is Europe’s leading crowdsourced in-store data as a service (DAAS) provider. Operating in 20 countries, the company is redefining the world of field marketing by putting real time in-store data at the heart of it. BeMyEye leverages 600k on demand data gatherers across Europe (known as ‘Eyes’) to collect actionable insights in large supermarkets, independent grocers and specialist stores on behalf of more than 400 leading blue-chip manufacturers and retailers including Nestle, Pepsi, Ferrero, Samsung, Heineken, Lavazza and Reckitt Benkiser.

In the last 36 months, BeMyEye’s crowd has visited more than 650k stores, and completed more than 2M missions, which have highlighted industry-wide issues in a number of key business critical areas; joint business plan agreements for promotional activity between manufacturers and retailers averaging just 72% compliance, weekend out of stock figures as high as 20%, and numerical distribution of new products averaging 60%. These actionable insights have led large multinational manufacturers to use BeMyEye to identify their own shortfalls in real-time and inform corrective measures to increase revenues.



Toluna is a leading provider of on-demand consumer insights, empowering companies to brainstorm ideas, uncover new business opportunities and get answers to questions in real time. With its innovative business concept, Insights On Demand™, Toluna is transforming the future of market research, making consumer intent instantly accessible and understandable for companies of all sizes across multiple industries.

Toluna’s end-to-end automated research platform combines advanced technology and industry-proven methodologies with on-demand access to the world’s largest community of 14+ million consumers in 68 countries. The company is headquartered in Wilton, Connecticut and has over 21 offices in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, and MENA.